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Welcome to McLean Avenue Merchants Association!

Meet Me On McLean!

Merk Chemists

973 McLean Avenue, Yonkers

Phone: 914.237.8821

On McLean Avenue in the middle of the "Irish Miracle Mile" is the oldest pharmacy in Yonkers. It has been known for 118 years as "Merk Chemists," located at 973 McLean Ave. Founded in 1896 by chemist Herman Merk, who operated it until he retired to Florida in 1958, this store has stood the test of time! The reason it is still here is because of the personal attention each customer gets from a very professional, highly-trained staff that always greets visitors with a friendly smile and a warm hello.

The customer is always priority number one at Merk. That is why the people of Yonkers and Woodlawn keep going back – generation after generation!

Since 1985, Nick Verlizzo has owned and operated Merk. A graduate of Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, he spent time in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1969 to 1975, later getting his pharmacy degree from the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy. He bought the business some 30 years ago.

Verlizzo is a mainstay of the McLean Avenue Merchants Association, giving it a person with a strong business background and the history of McLean Avenue. You can always see him helping out during the McLean Merchants' Festival each September and the St. Patrick's Day Parade on McLean Avenue each March.

The store has a total of 1,100-square-feet, where customers can find pharmacy needs, sundries, candy, soda, greeting cards and many other items – too many to mention here. If you are looking for a particular item, you can just ask one of the eight employees who work there and they will direct you to the aisle where it can be found.

The beauty of the store is that customers can ask for advice on over-the-counter items, or the side effects of prescription drugs. There is always someone there to answer your questions, a question you can’t always get at a "big box" store.

A local drug store is a truly lost art in America today!

If you get a chance to be on McLean Avenue, stop by and say hello to the staff at Merk. They are located at 973 McLean Avenue (at Martha Avenue). For more information, call 914-237-8821.



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