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2015 Fall Festival Vendor Info

Vendor Information

Please Download Both the Vendor Agreement and Facility User Indemnity


Dear Vendors and Merchants on McLean Avenue,


We would like to thank those of you who are participating in our 8th Annual MAMA Fall Festival and inform everyone else of what is going on for Saturday, September 22, 2018. Each year this event grows bigger and bigger and is highly anticipated by the surrounding community and the entire City of Yonkers.


As we grow we must respect and follow certain rules and regulations for everyone's safety that day and for the betterment of all of our respective businesses and the surrounding residential community whether you are a part of the festival or not.


Some frequently asked questions for the festival day are listed below to help make your experience more enjoyable. Don't hesitate to ask questions this week through email if any arise to better prepare you for the festival day.


We've attached a flyer for your personal use and you are welcome to post your own business page or link on our FACEBOOK page:


We thank you for your time in reading all of the information, it is for your benefit, and look forward to another great festival.


Meet Me on McLean



RJ Puma

Chairperson of the McLean Avenue Merchants Association, MAMA


MERCHANTS, please inform your CUSTOMERS, DELIVERY DRIVERS & EMPLOYEES: McLean Avenue will be CLOSED, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd from 9am - 9pm from WOODLAWN AVENUE to McCOLLUM PLACE. There will be NO PARKING ON McLEAN AVENUE DURING THAT TIME. Kimball Avenue will remain open throughout the day.

If you are using a TENT, please be sure to secure it down with rope or sand bags. ALL wires must be covered with mats or taped down. Yonkers Fire Inspectors will be around that morning to check ALL TENTS and WIRING. 


What time may I start setting up?

9 AM, no earlier, this is for your safety until the streets are shut down, but please arrive before 10 AM.


How long do I have to unload my vehicle at my location?

You have until 10 AM until ALL personal vehicles MUST be removed from the festival area. This still gives you one hour until 11 AM to finish setting up.


May I sell alcohol at my location or out of my place of business?

NO. Without the proper licensing from SLA you will be told to shut down your alcohol sales and may be fined that day. Only the 10 bars who applied for a permit may sell beer outdoors that day. Please drink responsibly.  


May we leave our spot early or bring a vehicle into the area before 7 PM?

You may leave the festival early, if you wish, but you can NOT bring any vehicle into the closed off area until the police clear the streets, again for safety reasons.


Where do I park my car that day?

Empire City Casino will have FREE Parking from their Yonkers Avenue parking lot and shuttles back to the corner of Hillview & Kimball Avenues. This service unofficially starts at 9 AM for all vendors. You may also park on the side streets, but please be respectful of the surrounding community and residents. Please do not parking illegally, we are not responsible for any tickets you get that day.


Where can I find HELP that day?

Obviously if it is an EMERGENCY, please call 911 or find an officer nearby. If it is something about the festival flag down someone wearing a MAMA Event Shirt. If it is a vendor issue you may call Jerry at 914-589-7105, Henry at 914-391-5468 or RJ at either 914-648-8855 or 914-648-8854. Please be respectful of our time as it will be a hectic day for all of us. Please do NOT randomly ask other businesses for help or assistance, not everyone is involved, seek out only those wearing the shirts or the names listed above. The mobile command center will be positioned on the corner of Kimball Avenue & McLean Avenue for missing children and other problems.


Do I need to bring a fire extinguisher?      

Only if you have a heating element at your location and anyone with hot food should have the “K” extinguishers. Fire inspectors will be on hand that day making sure. Also with food locations, PLEASE have your Westchester County Health Permit handy!


Last year customers kept asking questions I didn't know the answer to, such as portapottys, rides or stage info. Where can I find that info?

The attached flyer has stage times, location of ticket booths & portapottys and the above phone numbers.


Below is an excerpt from the vendor form you should have signed if you are setting up outside, this way you have a copy of it for your records. 

If you are serving FOOD, you are responsible for a HEALTH PERMIT from WESTCHESTER COUNTY.  Vendor Fee must be paid by check, cash or money order payable to the “McLean Avenue Merchants Association”. Signed Vendor Agreements AND Signed Facility Usage Agreements must be returned to the Hosts with the Fee no later than September 11th. The Vendors Market will open to the public at 11:00 AM. Facility Users/Vendors may access their space for set-up at 9:00 AM. DO NOT SET UP EARLIER. You must move your vehicle from McLean Ave after you have unloaded your supplies by 10 AM the latest. Vehicles will not be allowed in the closed off sections after 10 AM. You will not be able to bring your vehicle back into the closed off area until after 7:00 PM. All spaces must be fully vacated by 8:00 PM. The Facility User/Vendor agrees to abide by the stated rules and regulations and any verbal instruction from Event Staff during their participation in the McLean Avenue Fall Festival event. Any breech of this agreement or violation of the rules and regulations may result in the Facility User/Vendor and any of its agents, family members, officers, volunteers, helpers, partners, organizational members or associates being denied permission to access to the property, the forfeiture of any fees paid to participate in the vendors market and any expenses incurred to participate in the same.

Facility Users/Vendors are responsible for safeguarding their inventory and property. The Hosts assume no responsibility for any property or inventory left unattended during the event for any reason including removal of the Facility User/Vendor for breach of this agreement. The Hosts agree to make every effort to hold this event on the scheduled date. There will be no refunds to the Facility User/Vendor for a scheduling conflict, whether or not it is due to any date changes. The Hosts reserve the right to void this agreement, for any reason without any prior notice, if The Hosts deem it necessary.

Please Download Both the Vendor Agreement and Facility User Indemnity


For Participation in:
McLean Avenue Merchants Association
8th Annual McLean Avenue Fall Festival
Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 Hours of Festival: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm



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